Charter Furniture, with its 20 year history as a leading manufacturer of upholstered seating for the hospitality trade, offers a full range of outstanding product styles and categories that adhere to genuine craftsman and workmanship required to satisfy all expectations. In addition, our custom capabilities allow for focused design interpretation and execution for all FF&E seating requirements.

Our product diversity has evolved significantly over the years. New introductions today and classic of years past encompass seating for all areas of your project. As such, we have become the go to manufacturer for our unique standard line offering and custom production work that require a specifically higher skill set to interpret and master the nuances required for the hotel and resort industry.

Charter Furniture’s in house design and engineering team are able to assist in the development of items best suited to meet design intent while manufacturing product which is able to withstand the rigors of hospitality use. All of this is done with the working knowledge of a finished product which will stay within budgetary guidelines of the specific project.

Our customer service and operations teams are very aware of the importance of on time delivery and work closely with the individual project managers to insure a timely installation. We operate two upholstery manufacturing facilities in the United States – one in North Carolina and the other in Southern California. Both factories give us the ability to service the country from either our West or East Coast facilities.

Why We Stand Out

  • We understand and appreciate the many challenges it takes to make and deliver exceptional quality upholstered goods to their environment.
  • Adherence to industry standards in upholstery manufacturing from design aesthetic, comfort and longevity is our steadfast commitment.
  • A substantial product line mix consisting of standard and promotional items, including diverse and custom bench made product developed especially for your particular project.
  • An outstanding array of design features, accoutrements, trims, and add-on accessories allowing for even greater design flexibility.

Quality and dependability are the hallmarks of Charter Furniture and we look forward to the opportunity to service all your upholstered seating needs.