Crafted for those who live design


Charter Furniture lives design each and every day, alongside and in step with designers, purchasing agents, ownership groups and brands. It is our ability and everyday goal, to ensure that communication, coordination and daily management of every order receives the personal attention it deserves. As hotel projects become more and more complex, time-sensitive and budget driven, it is our goal to ensure that we continuously work with hotel project team members to ensure our custom products not only look incredible but arrive on time, on budget and perform well.


Over the last three decades, Charter Furniture has established itself as the premier industry leader in custom hospitality seating. We have domestic and international manufacturing capabilities to engineer and manufacturer complex, luxury custom seating for orders ranging from 1-10,000. We are a design focused, client service oriented, cherished partner to international hotel brands, REITS, and design studios.

What we do

At Charter Furniture, we understand that hospitality interior design is truly a creative journey. Whether it is a napkin sketch or a 3d model, we love to take design concepts, engineer and manufacture them, while collaborating with the design studio all along the way. We are a designer’s advocate and a purchasing agent’s ally. Our furniture meets the high design expectations of the brand and designer; the budget and scheduling needs of the purchasing agent; and the performance desires of the ownership group. We stand by our products and look to strengthen each of our partnerships one project at a time.


Hospitality designers not only love design but live design every moment of every day. We, here at Charter Furniture, live design too. We listen to our design partners, assisting and supporting their design visions, turning their sketches into sensational furniture pieces. We understand the fast-paced nature of hospitality design and want to assure designers that we review their pieces while keeping their respective design intent in mind. We aim to take any surprise out of installations, leaving designers with the excited contentment of knowing that our creative collaboration is successful from start to finish.


While our furniture is crafted by the hands of experienced artisans, our domestic and international engineering teams continuously push the boundaries of our custom seating manufacturing capabilities. It is Charter’s ability to understand the A&D community’s desire to be incredibly creative, original, and provocative that fuels our pursuit to innovate. Our everyday goal is to use our craft to make designers’ visions a reality.


Our goal from the start was to merge impeccable design with consistent quality and durability. We’ve been a fixture in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, experiencing design evolution first hand. From hand sketches to 3d Revit models, the documentation may have changed, but the pride, passion, and commitment to making quality custom seating remains. We have been lucky enough to adorn some of the world’s most beautiful hotel interiors.