Crafted for Those Who Live Well

Charter Furniture warmly extends our highly crafted and sophisticated seating designs to the senior living industry.  



Over the last three decades, Charter Furniture has established itself as the premier industry leader in custom hospitality seating. We are a design focused, client service oriented, cherished partner to international hotel brands, REITS, and design studios. Based in North Carolina, the Furniture Capital of the World, we, “live” seating, each and every day, ensuring that each of our pieces achieves the design vision, the desired ergonomic comfort level, and the requisite senior living performance standards.  

What We Do

At Charter Furniture, we understand that interior design is truly a creative journey. Each of our seating pieces has been rigorously engineered with a specific focus on seat depth, pitch and height to ensure the ergonomics achieve a perfectly scaled, soft yet firm sitting experience. Moreover, many of our frames incorporate clean outs to ensure that our seating pieces can easily be sanitized. Our highly skilled artisans offer the final layer of production seating expertise, bringing a superior upholstery skillset that is evidenced in every piece they craft.


It is this concert of passionate talent, comprised of customer service, engineering and craftsmanship that sets Charter’s Senior Living Collection apart. It is our goal to ensure that we continuously work with project team members to ensure our products not only look incredible but arrive on time, on budget and perform well.

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For over 30 years, Charter Furniture has set the bar for high-end hospitality furniture. We work with select owners, brands and designers to create unforgettable hotel interiors.


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