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Senior Living communities represent an opportunity to create spaces that support healing, restoration, confidence, and independence. Charter is proud to be a company at the forefront of reimagining the possibilities of Senior Living communities. Through intentional design and thoughtful furniture choices, we can enable people to move better, and live richer.

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Designs are engineered to spec to meet our standards

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Our engineering teams push boundaries to create beautiful designs

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High Quality construction with easy-to-clean features

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Merging impeccable design with consistent quality, durability, and service

Striving to Foster Confidence and Invigorate Residents

Charter was founded on the principles of quality furniture design. Not only on a basis of looks but on the quality of the structure and its durability through wear. This level of attention has laid the foundation for our new Senior Living products. Our talented team has rigorously engineered these products to meet the ergonomic standards while delivering an unparalleled luxury visual profile.

Our decades-long background in luxury hospitality design gives us the upper hand to help design senior living projects. We work closely with designers to bring concepts to life. Together we can turn ideas into beautiful and practical realities to elevate the resident experience.


Senior Living Cleanouts

All Charter Senior Living (SLV) products come standard with cleanouts across both loose cushion and tight seat styles.  Each of our cleanouts are located on sides and backs, to ensure moisture does not reach internal parts or frame. Loose cushion seats will also include a moisture-proof seat deck.  All Charter Furniture Senior Living frames are reinforced for longevity and comfort.

On top of meeting the minimum requirements for cleanout cavities, we have gone above and beyond to ensure the luxury visual profile of our products. Our frames are tightly wrapped and fabric meticulously secured on all edges, including the bottom, for a superiorly finished product


The Charter Advantage

Charter Furniture offers a wide variety of highly designed seating solutions providing Senior centric features. All Senior Living (SLV) pieces have been engineered with a specific focus on specifications; seat height, seat depth, back pitch, arm height, and clean outs, to ensure the best properly scaled and comfortable seating collection. Our highly skilled artisans offer the final layer of production seating expertise, bringing a superior upholstery skillset that is evidenced in every piece they craft.

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For over 30 years, Charter Furniture has set the bar for high-end hospitality furniture. We work with select owners, brands and designers to create unforgettable hotel interiors.


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