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Our collection of handcrafted, artisan seating can transform a senior living space with upscale design elements that are specifically engineered for seniors.

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All Charter Senior Living (SLV) products come standard with cleanouts across both loose cushion and tight seat styles.  Each of our cleanouts are located on sides and backs, to ensure moisture does not reach internal parts or frame. Loose cushion seats will also include a moisture-proof seat deck. 


Crafted for Those Who Live Well

Over the last three decades, Charter Furniture has established itself as the premier industry leader in custom hospitality seating. We are a design focused, client service oriented, cherished partner to international hotel brands, REITS, and design studios. Based in North Carolina, the Furniture Capital of the World, we, “live” seating, each and every day, ensuring that each of our pieces achieves the design vision, the desired ergonomic comfort level, and the requisite senior living performance standards.  

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For over 30 years, Charter Furniture has set the bar for high-end hospitality furniture. We work with select owners, brands and designers to create unforgettable hotel interiors.


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